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Success is achieved with the proper tools to reach your goals. This diet gives you all the tools and support you need to reach your weight
loss goals. 


The clients featured on this page worked with their coaches each week to successfully lose weight. 


When you follow the Ideal Protein protocol, your results are are consistent and achieveable.

Kevin & Kellie S. 
Kevin 30 pounds lost & 28 inches lost
Kellie 23.6 pounds lost & 21.25 inches lost

We started the program on January 7, 2016.


Kevin: Age 58, weighed in at 264 lbs.

Kellie: Age 55, weighed in at 176 lbs. (Everyone told me that I didn’t need to lose any weight. Ha!)


The before picture is a picture of us in September 2014 where Kevin was weighing around 260. December 2015 he was in excess of 270 lbs. We decided it was time to make a change. This program was recommended to me by family members and after visiting the center, I was convinced.


Kevin’s goal was to lose 30 lbs. and reach that goal by the end of March; approximately 90 days with program. Kellie’s goal was to lose 20 lbs.


Key Points: We went on the program at the same time, a huge benefit for making meals, the extra support, and accountability. Totally agree with Kevin, this was so much easier because we had each other’s support, whether that was shutting the refrigerator door or giving kudo’s for the weight loss!



The food tastes great, which helps enormously, and is simple to follow. The Ideal Weigh support staff was part of our "team" and their e-mails provided encouragement and recipes to change things up a bit.


The evening meal of having 8 oz. of your own meat and 2 cups of veggies, filled us up. Kevin was not a huge fan of vegetables, but as the weight dropped off, well he’s totally committed now, and will continue to put them on his plate. I like every vegetable but Brussel Sprouts and spinach so that was easy for me. We have decided to keep the veggies included in our meals. We never felt really hungry, even in those first few days. The food was filling and we didn’t have any cravings for things that aren’t on the list of allowed foods.    


January 27, 2016: Kevin went to his yearly physical and his doctor couldn’t believe the changes! His cholesterol dropped 30 points, which was good to start with. My blood pressure was 119/72, the best in 5 years, but once again I wasn’t on any medications to begin with.


February 11, 2016 (5 weeks): Kevin achieved his goal of 30 lbs. and 28” inches lost. Weight down 264 to 234. I’m down 18.4 lbs., nothing like Kevin, but I am happy for both of us. Even if I was jealous! Kevin drilled 5 extra holes to cinch up his pants, he says he's too cheap to buy new ones!  He’s even drilling holes my belts! Kevin went from tight 40 jeans to loose 38’s!


March 3, 2016 (8 weeks): Kevin was down 37 lbs. total and weighed in at 227! Kellie lost 23.6 lbs. and a total of 21.25 inches! 


We plan to weigh in again on March 17 with March 31, 2016 being our last day. We’re both a little scared of going “off” the diet, but we feel that between us we can keep this good thing going!


Kevin can put on size 36 jeans and I’m in size 8 pants!  We have put more holes in our belts and we both feel great!! We’ve learned so much about changing our eating and drinking habits. We have added water and cut out the pop. We don’t really miss it. 


I’m sure everyone has heard that you will gain it all back. Kevin says it’s all about what you put into your mouth after the program and trying to be healthier. He’s looking at labels now, something he never did before and putting items back because of too much sugar or fat. We’re working out, not gym rats, but just so we can enjoy more things and a lead a healthier life in general.


Hats off to Ideal Weigh, the support team and the Ideal Protein Loss Journey.  

107 pounds lost
72.5 inches lost

Last summer at this time I felt hopeless & doomed to being obese forever. Both of my knees and right hip hurt & exercise was not an option. After 20 years of yo-yo dieting I am so thankful that I found Jaime & Ideal Weigh. After 3 weeks on the plan I had lost 15.2 pounds but more importantly I found hope and the belief that I had found the plan that would work. I am happy to say that I lost 101.2 pounds in 39 weeks. Thank you Jaime & Ideal Weigh.

Nichole B. 
80 pounds lost
75.5 inches lost

On February 27, 2015 I began my 80 pound weight loss journey. I was finally tired of feeling tired, overweight and embarassed of how big I had let myself get. I can remember thinking, If I just wear bigger clothes, no one will notice. Until I saw a Christmas gathering picture from Christmas 2014, and I was shocked just how big I had gotten. Inside I felt like I was smaller, but pictures don't lie.


After meeting with Jaime, my husband and myself started the very next day! My journey lasted 8 months and it was the BEST decision of my life. I didn't cheat and I consistantly lost 2-3.5 pounds a week. The great thing about this diet is that is phases you off to a final maintenance stage using stages to phase you off of the diet. And when you reach the maintenance phase, they give you the tools to choose the best foods to eat to maintain your weight. The great thing about this diet is that you never have to feel hopeless again. If you gain a few extra pounds, you can go right back to the Phase 1 diet stage and easily get rid of those few extra pounds before they become more and more pounds. 


One of the greatest parts of finding Ideal Weigh and my weigh loss journey, is that I am now the Marketing Coordinator for the company! I have been a graphic designer for 16 years and this is a great opportunity to use my design and marketing skills to promote a diet I hold so close to my heart!

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