meet the Ideal Weigh staff

Jaime Vincent
Owner / Health Coach

I have been working with The Ideal Weigh since it’s beginning in 2008 as the first Ideal Protein clinic in South Dakota.  Before coming to Ideal Weigh I was working as a health coach and personal trainer.  The results I would see with clients were good, but since being with The Ideal Weigh I have seen the most incredible, life-changing results.  Over the years I have helped people reach goals of losing 10lbs up to over 300lbs, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle after the weight-loss.  The life-changing transformations I see make me feel like I have the most fun and rewarding career, and I cannot imagine doing anything else!  My interest and passion has always been in health coaching and fitness, and I feel blessed to be able to live this passion out every day helping people lose weight, improve their health, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lindsay Erger
Communications Specialist

I began working for The Ideal Weigh in 2009 and since then I have witnessed countless clients win their health back, along with so much more. As I do my best to help clients who walk in our doors, I have equally been helped and blessed by them. It’s my hope that anyone who thinks they can’t lose the weight or that they’re not worth it, comes to know the exact opposite: they can do it and they are worth it!

Karla Byrum
Health Coach (Sioux Falls)

I love my job! I started as a receptionist/administrative staff for Ideal Weigh in February of 2013. I watched clients come to us and have such great success that my husband and I became dieters. We loved the diet!  I felt so inspired by the coaching and encouragement I received, I wanted to be a part of that too. I have always liked to help people and I now feel with the success I have had and the knowledge about the diet that I can be a good coach too. I trained to become a coach and now I have both duties. The people I work with here are wonderful people, plus we have such a great program to offer our clients, it is a blessing for me and job that I continue to enjoy. 

Jamie Monaghan
Health Coach (Yankton)

I am super excited to join the Ideal Weigh team as a Health Coach in Yankton. I began my weight loss journey with Ideal Weigh in February 2016 after trying countless other programs. I lost over 40lbs so I know firsthand that the program works. I am looking forward to meeting and working with all the dieters in Yankton as they continue their journey to a healthier lifestyle. I feel very blessed that I have been chosen to be a member of this awesome team. My amazing husband of 30 years (Merrick) and I have 5 adult kids and they have given us 12 beautiful grandkids and 8 grand dogs.

Casey Tow
Health Coach (Yankton)

I'm excited to join the Ideal Weigh team in Yankton. After college I struggled to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. I struggled for years and spent hundreds of dollars on fad diets and workout plans. After I got married I started my weight-loss journey with Ideal Protein in 2017. I had great results and felt better than I ever had. After having my son in 2018, I couldn't wait to get back on the protocol. I love to tell everyone about this program and the impact it can have on your life. I'm excited to be a part of each client's weight-loss journey.

I enjoy staying home with my 1 year old son. We love to spend our days outside with our dog. 

Mary Wuebben, PA
Medical Director

I have been a PA for 25 years and prior to that I was an RN. My focus is on prevention and wellness. I was introduced to Ideal Protein 8 years ago and I feel that it is an excellent program! I have seen the results first-hand in my medical practice with the Ideal Protein diet helping improve insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and diabetes, and mental clarity. When I was introduced to the program 6 years ago I lost over 30 lbs and experienced many health benefits as well. I was recently asked to become part of Ideal Weigh by taking an opportunity as their Medical Director. It was an easy decision for me to say yes because I know this program works, it has many health benefits, and after all the positive results I’ve seen in patients I am absolutely committed to sharing this program with others looking to lose weight and get healthy.

Nell Cavin-Wentzel
Health Coach (Sioux Falls)

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