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Skills for a lifetime is something worth celebrating, so go ahead.


You will be able to reestablish health and vitality, inside and out. It is more than reshaping your body, it is reshaping your idea of what a happy, satisfied, and healthy lifestyle is all about. Goals, we help you set, achieve and maintain them.
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The Ideal Weigh Program is a natural and effective weight loss method with long-lasting results. Contact us if you are:
  • Tired of carrying around those “hard to lose” pounds

  • Unable to exercise as a part of a weight loss regimen

  • Frustrated with programs that make weight loss a life-long lifestyle

  • Living with symptoms of syndrome-x: obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes.


Maintaining with The Ideal Weigh


The program, first developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, PhD, MD, is doctor recommended. You will retain muscle mass and energy levels will not decrease, all while burning fat. Our program has an easy 4-Phase protocol and acts as cellulite treatment as well. You will find maintaining with our program much easier than any other diet or program you’ve ever tried. With the assistance of our program you will:

  • Structured weight loss while supporting muscle mass

  • Reestablish health and vitality, inside and out

  • Reshape your body to its more natural state

  • Enjoy a healthier more satisfying lifestyle

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This is the last diet you'll
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You Will:
  • Re-establish Health and Vitality, “Inside-Out”

  • Reshape your body to its natural state

  • Enjoy a healthier, more satisfying life-style

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